Eleven Delivery

Speed up the delivery

Up to 40% faster compared to pedestrian couriers, up to 15% faster compared to those riding bicycles.

Optimize the couriers’ work

With the help of the analytics collected by our service: courier load, average time, delivery status in real time.

No maintenance costs

We monitor the condition of the scooters on our own – we carry out regular maintenance and repair works, if necessary. This is up to 3 times more profitable than maintaining your own fleet of scooters.

Choose how many scooters you need and get them at a convenient rate.

We assign scooters to the couriers of your service – they are not available for regular users.


We provide you with a battery charger module and replaceable batteries. You can charge and change them on your own, it’s easy!

We give you access to the application, through which the couriers will be able to manage the scooter (start and end the ride, put on pause), and you will be able to track the delivery status.

Tell us more about your request: how many scooters you need, how many deliveries the courier makes per shift, the average delivery radius (from the restaurant to the customer and back). We will contact you to discuss the rate according to your request.

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