On sidewalks, in bike lanes and shared paths, and in other places allowed by traffic rules.


You can ride all over the city, but you should leave the scooter within the yellow zone (see the map in the app).

Rule #1 – you should park the scooter within the yellow zone on the map. It can be seen in the application, and it covers most of the city.


It is best to park in public bicycle racks – the scooter will not bother anyone, and the next user can easily find it. You can also park in other public places, the main thing is that the scooter does not block cars, interfere with passers-by, transport and utilities.


These are good parking places:

  • near an office building
  • near a mall
  • in a park
  • in a bicycle rack

  • in private territory
  • in enclosed parking lots
  • in narrow passages and aisles
  • in hallways of apartment buildings
  • in underground passages
  • under bridges


p.s. Please remember that you should finish your ride using the application, otherwise the scooter will not lock, and you will continue to be charged.

In most cases, this is caused by 3-D Secure technology. When a card is being added, you are redirected to the bank’s page where you need to enter your password (it is sent via SMS). Many people rush at this step and press the Submit button without waiting for the SMS.


Another possible reason is that your card does not support online payments.


If none of these is relevant, try adding another card or contact our technical support.

We made the phone holder stable and formidable to prevent your phone from dropping out while driving on bad roads or falling. The holder is equipped with a wireless charger for your phone.

Before starting the trip make sure that the phone fits freely into the holder and is securely fixed in it. Freely means the phone can be easily put in and out of the holder.

If you don’t succeed in fixing your phone in the holder, no longer try to do it — it will be difficult to get the phone out, the protective glass or case may be damaged.

If you have fixed the phone in the holder and you cannot remove it, pull up the fastener of the holder with two fingers until it stops and remove the phone towards the holder. If after that you can’t get the phone, write to the tech support chat in the app.

If at the end of the ride there is enough money on your card to pay the rent, then the deposit is returned to the card immediately.

If at the end of the ride there is not enough money on your card to pay the rent, we will write off the rent cost from the deposit. The difference will be returned to the card after your bank processes this transaction. A refund can take several days. Only the bank’s technical support can prompt the exact date of the refund.